Remember that the rules are there to be broken.

Be Creative


Just to get started you can play it by the rules below.


Suggestion for rules:


First thing to do is to assign one of you to keep track of the story.


Each player get:

• 3 Story Storm cards that the player can´t look at.

• 2 Action cards that the player can and should look at.


The game begins when one player turns over 3 picture cards

for everybody to see.

Player will tell a beginning of a story based in the imagery

on their 3 cards, make something up!

The player need to include all 3 cards in the story.

When the story includes all 3 cards, player will pick 3 new cards

from the stack and keep them face down for their next turn.

When the player is done the player picks up 3 new 

Story Storm cards with the face down.


Next player in line continues the story from where 

the last player left off using their own Story Storm cards.


Action cards are game changers, that any player may play at any

time on the player that is currently telling the story.

The story teller have to follow the instructions of the action cards

and implement it somehow.


You shall at all times have 2 Action cards.


THE END - Action card.

Ends the game after one round, so after it’s played you go a final turn around the table and the player that got the THE END card is the final teller and have to tie the story together.

When the "THE END" card is dealt, a final round is played and the last story teller have to tie up all loose ends.


If, by some reason unknown to us, the cards should run out in either deck you reshuffle the used cards into a new pile. Or order some new.


But who is the winner?

Well, after the story is finished, all players shall give their answer 

to the following question:

” AND WHAT DID WE LEARN FROM THIS STORY?” In other words, the moral of the story.

All players vote for what they think is the funniest/most clever answer.

The player with the most votes wins.


And remember you can make up your own rules.

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